Home Tours

What is your Home Tour ticket cancellation policy?
In order to receive a refund (less a $25 administrative fee regardless of the reason) of your Dwell Home Tour ticket purchase, your cancellation request must be received via email (registration@dwellhometours.com) two weeks prior to the tour weekend. No refund of any kind, for any reason, will be given for Dwell cancellation requests received after that. No exceptions. Refunds will be issued within 30 days after the conclusion of the event. Substitutions are allowed with written permission from original registrant.
What kind of shoes should I wear?
Sensible shoes, like athletic or flats, for steepness and personal safety.
I registered for a Home Tour. When will I receive my ticket?
We do not mail out home tour tickets. A printed guide and other materials will be distributed at a convenient Headquarters location on the morning of your home tour. The printed guide you receive on that day will act as your ticket and must be presented at each home.

The address and opening hours of the Headquarters location will be published at www.dwellhometours.com one week prior to the tour. Please check back on the home tour pages at that time. Additionally, an email containing the address and opening hours of the Headquarters will be sent to all confirmed home tour registrants one week before the tour. If you do not receive a confirmation email please check your email spam filter. We will be using the email address you provided during registration to notify you of the location of the staging area for your tour.

No tickets for the home tour are available from the Headquarters location. Tickets can only be purchased online at www.dwellhometours.com until sold out.

Also, please note that the printed guide we provide cannot be used as a navigation guide between homes. We highly recommend attendees bring a GPS device or a printed map such as a Thomas Guide.
What are Dwell Home Tours?
In 2012, Dwell is expanding its popular, sell-out modern home tours to (5) regions. Each Home Tour weekend will kick-off with a Meet the Architects event the Friday evening before the tours. The Home Tours span two-days and each day includes 5 modern homes. The (5) regions include:

Marin County, CA
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
Silicon Valley, CA
New York City, NY
If I purchase a Home Tour ticket can I see inside the homes or do I just look from the outside?
A Home Tour ticket allows you to explore inside the homes. You don't just look from the outside!
Our Home Tours are very popular and always sell out.
Does Dwell provide a map I can use to find the homes on the tour?
When you arrive at the Headquarters location on the morning of the tour we will provide a printed guide that identifies the location of the homes. Also, please note that the printed guide we provide cannot be used as a navigation guide between homes. We strongly recommend ticket holders bring a GPS device or Thomas Guide to aid in navigation between homes. 
Can I bring my child on the home tour?
For insurance reasons any child under the age of 6 cannot attend the home tour.  Any child over the age of 6 attending the home tour needs to be accompanied by an adult and will require his or her own ticket. A ticket for a child is the same price as a ticket for an adult. No children, of any age, are admitted for free on the home tours.

Can I take photographs inside the homes on the tour?
The photography policy allow's simple personal-use photography (not for publication) with pocket cameras or cell phones. Tripods, professional cameras and lighting equipment cannot be used in any home. We cannot guarantee that personal-use photography is permitted in any particular home.
Can I go on a home tour and also see the exhibition on the same day?
A home tour ticket includes exhibition access on both Saturday and Sunday. It is unlikely that you will have enough time to explore all of the homes and also see all of the exhibition in a single day.

Can I sit on furniture and look into cabinets in the home?
This is someone's private home and so we would prefer that you look but not touch.
Do I have to take my shoes off?
We provide booties at every home. Some home owners may have a “shoes off” policy in addition to use of booties.
Will bathrooms be available at the homes?
Home owners typically do not allow use of their restroom during the tour (have you ever had 400 people through your bathroom?)